MK writer joins MK50 with Willen Hospice

Date Posted:03/10/2017

Fifty-year-old writer, Sam Cooke, is celebrating MK50 by donating all of October's procedes from Nuclear – Bursting Point to charity, in aid of Willen Hospice.

“I think helping people diagnosed with a terminal illness is a really good cause. A scene in the book is set by Willen Lake so it all seems to go hand in hand. The hospice is a lovely place and I'm happy to do my bit to help it stay that way.”

A thriller set in 2045, Nuclear follows the turmoil of a 15-year-old girl - a witness to murder who goes mad for revenge. Joining militants, Julia gets weapons, training and a nuclear mission - MI5 go too.

“Heavily researched, the action extends topics like super storms, artificial intelligence, global corruption, human trafficking and egos demanding war; with a touch of Thunderbirds on acid. It's a fun read. The sequel, Tsunami - out late November, is going to be even funner. :-)”

If you want something new to read, why not head over to Amazon? It's out now. You can choose the ebook, paperback or both and support a great MK charity in the process.