David Lock Associates celebrate MK's 51st Birthday

Date Posted:24/01/2018

Throughout 2017, David Lock Associates (DLA) have been celebrating MK50 (the 50th birthday of Milton Keynes) by showcasing 49 of the city's 22 million trees on mk50trees.com. To complete the showcase and make the golden 50, DLA launched a competition to find a child to plant the 50th tree.

After a rigorous competition process, a ceremony was held today - on the day of Milton Keynes 51st Birthday - as Hermione Sumpter from Stony Stratford was invited to plant the historic 50th tree in the presence of the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr David Hopkins. In his address at the ceremony, Cllr Hopkins said: "It's hard to believe that it is twelve months to the day since we were celebrating the official 50th birthday of MK and were kick-starting the numerous celebrations and events that have marked all that is good and great about our fabulous city.

As part of the city's birthday celebration reaching the big 5-0. David Lock Associates created a website dedicated specifically to the beautiful trees in the borough - and where people could also vote for which variety of tree would be planted to celebrate Milton Keynes' anniversary. Many congratulations to Hermione and her splendid piece of art that won the competition to help plant the tree, and well done to all at David Lock Associates. Let's encourage people to further explore their public green spaces."

The ceremony was held at Brooklands Linear Park, one of the many burgeoning new green spaces in the new city. Ben Ruston, Head of Development at Places for People who are building Brooklands, said: “It’s a privilege to be able to support the MK50 Trees initiative. Creating successful places like Brooklands involves far more than just building homes - green open spaces like Brooklands Linear Park make such a difference to this community. That’s why this project, which has helped local people of all ages to identify with their surroundings, has been so rewarding."

David Lock Associates are strong supporters of the community and growth of Milton Keynes, and have been closely involved with many projects in the calendar of MK50 celebrations. Partner at DLA, Simon Collier concludes: "MK50trees.com has been one of our best received public engagement activities - it's been a real delight to be a big part of such an important year in the city's history. Even better to have found one of our future generation to plant a tree - here's to MK60 - who knows what they'll have both grown in to."