Throughout 2017 communities, organisations and businesses have marked the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes.  The official designation date of Milton Keynes was 23 January 1967, and since then our New Town has grown and developed into the thriving city it now is  The sheer number of events and activities planned and delivered by Milton Keynes organisations, groups, communities and businesses across the city this year has been incredible.  There has been a real sense of civic pride and celebration throughout the year.

Although the birthday year is now at an end; we are creating an MK50 Showcase exhibition that brings together elements from the whole year that have been created specifically for 2017.  This exhibition will take place upstairs in the Central Milton Keynes Library form 18th Jan – 22nd Feb.  

A few highlights include:

As well as the spectacular Feast of Fire event.  On Saturday 21 October, 10,000 people descended on Milton Keynes City Centre for a very special evening of fire, theatre, dance and music created by outdoor arts experts Walk the Plank.